Repurposed old mirror frame as rack

A few weeks ago I picked up several project pieces at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore. If you have not shopped there before it is a great place for DIYers and helps out a great cause.

The piece in the background was a very large frame that I believe probably had a mirror in it. I loved the framework and it had a plywood backing already in place It measures 48″ wide and 42″ tall. Immediately I thought CHALKBOARD. With very little prep work it was ready for painting.

With back removed and rough sanded.

Now to the fun part!!! I did just paint several coats of black chalkboard paint directly on the plywood, letting each coat dry in between.- No picture of this but it’s just rolling on paint- Pretty Simple- Right??I wanted to give the frame an old, chippy look. I painted it with leftover exterior paint that I had. It was an off-white kinda grey in color. I have not stepped up to Ann Sloane Chalk Paint or Milk Paint yet. I have ALOT of leftover paint that I acquired here and there and am trying to use it up the best I can,. Since it was all given to me my costs for projects lately have been pretty minimal.

I have found a few ideas on PINTEREST that use Vaseline with painting to give pieces the chippy look that I was going for so I thought- What the heck, I’ll give it a try. Well, needless to say I don’t think I got it just right and had to rework and repaint the frame- only once though- to achieve the look I was going for. Even though I had to do some of the work over, I love experimenting with new ways of painting and such. It is a learning process for me by the way of trial and error and seeing what I like.

It came out awesome in the end- I think!! Thanks to Mike and his metal supplies, re: piles and piles and piles of scrap(crap) metal that we seem to have around the house, I found the two items that we screwed into the sides. They have a hook on the bottom and we spray painted them a flat black. I’m going to find glass candle votive- with no candle in them- to place inside. These will work like cup holders for the chalk.

Kinda blurry- but wanted a close up. Not the best camera for this.

I love how the paint came out. I simply ended up painting the whole thing and then sanded the areas that I wanted to looked aged and chippy. The frame did have a little ledge that for now is holding the chalk until I place the votive. Can’t believe I didn’t have any the right size already.

For right now it is placed by our front door. I’m currently using the hooks as a hat holder. It is a pretty large piece but would work well in the kitchen or office too.

Yes on the back was a stamp “MADE IN CHINA”- go figure, but this piece was definitely re-purposed in the good old USA!!

Notice all the dog leashes and such in the back round. I think I will be making a new hook project for all their stuff soon.

And I know I stated that Mike has ALOT of metal scrap, crap hanging around but I am a little guilty of my woodpile that just seems to grow overnight. It’s hard not to add to it even when you have alot in supplies already. Stuff just seems to always find its way home with me.

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