Old Fence Headboard

“That wood? Right there? With all the splinters and rusty broken nails sticking out of it? You are going to use that for a headboard?”
Um, yeah…
“I don’t think that’s what you want to use for a headboard.”
Tell me I can’t do something and look at what happens!

I even mounted our bedside wall lights onto that no good old wood that some crazy person gave me for free.

I had this to start off.

Then I saw this photo on Pinterest and it became my mission and all I thought about until I finished the project.

I love everything about this bed, the colors, the materials, the rustic vibe. I also like how grand it is, but I was just going to stick with my basic upholstered piece, because I honestly didn’t want to spend any money and this was a total whim. Check out all of my inspiration photos here.
I ripped that shelf off of the wall and had my blank canvas.

I gloved up and pulled all of those rusty, bent, and broken nails out of a bunch of boards

and started measuring and cutting.

Meet Mr. Handsome… my new miter saw.
I am not the measuring or planning ahead sort, so I was nervous it was going to be a bear to get everything lined up and even and all that. But really it worked out pretty well and the ENTIRE PROJECT TOOK 2 HOURS!
I swear – start to finish – it was fabulous and easy. I cut the boards in the garage and hauled them up to my bedroom. I just drilled ’em in and since the boards were so old and worn out the screws went in super easy. I was careful to be sure that the edges were all varied so it looked haphazard and not all lined up.

I even threw a little ledge up there because it all went up so quickly and I had energy and boards left over.

And I love it!

I keep looking for reasons to go upstairs and walk by my room!

Those lamps are from Home Depot about 2 years ago and they used to be silver.

The moral of the story is, when someone tells you something is probably not a good idea it becomes your job to prove him wrong:)

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