Old dresser revamped into a striped dresser

One down, one to go. The mid-century dresser that I bought on my recent adventure in thrift and is now complete.

Even with the minor setback with the stripes it was a quick project and dare I say, quite an easy project.

Here’s how it started out.

And here’s the completed look

Frog tape is new to Canada or at least to my part of Canada. I had been hearing about it so much in blog land and was excited to give it a try. When I mentioned it in a recent post Heather from Interior Groupie asked what the big deal about frog tape is. It is a high functioning form of the “regular” painter’s tape I’ve been using previously. I have to say that I have serious doubts as to whether the old guy could have managed lines this sharp and crisp.

I’ve never used CIL paint before but the guy in Home Depot recommended this Smart version for painting furniture so I thought I’d give it a try. It was a breeze to apply and unless something disastrous happens after the fact I’m giving it a big thumbs up.

What did it cost you ask?

Dresser – $30
Grey paint – $10 (I used less than 1/4 of the can so I’m apportioning a small amount to this project)
Frog Tape – $9
Primer, white paint, and brushes I already own
TOTAL – $49 for this spanky new dresser. Pretty good.

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