Old chest makeover

Out driving one day, I saw a box. Actually, a chest of sorts, sitting on the curb. I almost kept driving, but something pulled me back to it.  It was big & heavy & very red. It was also DIRTY & covered in paint splatters. As I looked at it sitting there I felt sad for it. It had been thrown so haphazardly to the curb it was almost in the street. Someone was obviously in a hurry to get rid of it.

A chest that had at one time been new & shiny & useful… now sat forgotten. I decided in a minute, I would take her home.

The picture below… of the inside… was after she was scrubbed… twice! Ya, she was that bad. She’d been put through a lot. But she was solid & unique & I could tell someone had taken their time in building this one. She had serious potential… she had been amazing at one time. It wasn’t fair that her life should end up this way. Tossed aside & forgotten. I knew I had to take my time with her & fix all that was broken.

So she got scrubbed with bleach & basked in the sun to dry. (This was done in September… when we still had sun) Then she got a wonderful sanding to remove years of abuse & neglect. A couple good coats of primer & two coats of tailored linen in a satin finish. With just the littlest bit of TLC she was already beaming! I found an image I loved from The Graphics Fairy…of course. THE place to go for all the vintage image goodness you could want. Enlarged it & transferred it to the lid.

Then I hand painted it all in with some small artists brushes. Ya, this little lady took awhile. By the time the transferring & painting was done,  I was worried my hand would be in a permanent cramp. So I texted a lot; it passed the time & kept my fingers nimble. Movies, texting & good conversation make some of these longer projects go quicker 🙂

I finished painting her, distressed her & gave her a cocoa glaze to ‘vintage’ her up.

Her interiors got some honey beige paint and a whitewash.

The interior lids were painted with some red & white stripes & given a whitewash too. Just a touch of color….she decided she prefers subtle.

Then I used my mad state of the art tools (don’t be jealous) & drew a cross. I think it’s the perfect symbol for her.

Her jewelry was painted in Cece’s Hershey Brown with a rough overcoat of Myrtle Sands. Then clear waxed & very lightly distressed. She needed a little ‘edge’ because she thinks perfection is overrated.

She was hand waxed & buffed to perfection. I think she’s beautiful. Much more comfortable in her ‘skin’ now.

I contemplated putting wheels on her,  but decided she’d been through enough ups & downs for now. She’s okay being stationary for a while.

Her interior is even more beautiful than her exterior. With more than enough room to keep safe whatever you want her to hold onto for you.

Secret compartments & all. She doesn’t wear much jewelry & what she does wear isn’t fancy, but she likes it that way. She’s simple. Simple looks good on her.

She kinda makes my heart skip  a beat when I remember how sad & lost she was when I found her.

I absolutely loved taking taking her from sad & broken & fixing her up to be beautiful & confidant. It saddens me to know I have to set her free now  to find someone who will love her just as much as I did. But, I think she will make someone very happy indeed.

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