Hexagonal end table makeover

I was so pumped after just the coat of primer that I couldn’t wait to get to paint. I used a white ceiling paint that the old owners left here – it was a flat finish and I’m totally okay with that.

The edge around the top was a little tricky but all I had to do was keep a steady hand and just drag the brush and it was fine. For the doors, I used the brush in all the corners and then rolled the middle part and I rolled around the doors because I hate when you can see brush marks on painted furniture.

Here’s how they were looking after the first coat. I knew I was going to need more than one coat of paint and that was fine by me. I was going to do 2 coats regardless – I like nice thin even coats.

The tops are so awesome! I still can’t get over that this is what was hiding under that ugly stain.

I had pretty good coverage already but you can see the top is a little blotchy but the sides were good. I noticed where I used the roller had the best coverage and the trim parts where I had to use the brush they really needed the second coat.

A closer look at the trim and the unpainted edge. I did a pretty good job of keeping paint off my edge and if I did get any I just wiped it up quick.

So then it was one coat down and one coat to go.

I really just can’t get over how great the tops look. It worked out perfectly that my intentions were to stain them all along.

Here you can see how the bottom trim was a little splotchy and definitely needed the second coat to make things look beautimous. (Might be a little too much Honey Boo Boo watching over here – you should see Mr.B when he hears them say beautimous)

I just wrap a plastic bag around my paint tray and make sure the brush and roller are covered so that they don’t dry out and will be ready for me the next day. I’ve used the freezer trick but sometimes I don’t really want to be waiting for my brush and roller to thaw out. Buzzkill.

The second coat really made things look like they were finished. It was even and covered really well. This picture its wet – it really is a flat paint not high gloss or satin – I promise.

We already know I can’t get enough of the tops. Here they are. I painted the edges with the brush so that I didn’t get paint on my edge and then I went over the top part with the roller. I already said I don’t like brush strokes so I try to use a brush as little as possible and I always do long strokes that end off the piece. Ya dig?

I mean – I’m honest, my edge was by no means perfect. Here you can see I got a little excited and I had some paint on the edge and that was the best that I could clean it off. It would be fine though once I stained it.

After the second coat the bottom was looking a lot better. There is nothing like the second coat of paint to get you excited and just want them to be finished already! However, now I had staining to do.

I took the tape off and was really happy that I didn’t have any seeps or spots where it went through – Hoorah!

On this table, I must have gone over the edge a tiny bit because I had a small little slice of paint. No big deal!

My bottom edge came out really well. I was worried about that a little more because the way I had to paint it I had to run the brush right along with the tape and I was just hoping nothing was dripping down. It didn’t!

So I moved onto the next which was a stain. For some reason in my mind I thought this was would be the really easy part. WRONG! Here you can see the edge is stained – I had to come back and do the bottom part because I thought I was going to lay them on their sides do the bottom but I changed that up too.

I just realized that I never took any progress pictures of this whole nightmarish process. I taped around the edge because I quickly realized the stain was getting on the white part! I like slipped after the first couple of strokes and had a stroke. So I taped the edge and went to town – I always bring out my inner Mr.Miyagi when I stain. I stain on – and stain off. I let it sit a little so that the color would set. The wood wasn’t drinking it up as quickly as other things I’ve stained.

I’m so mad I didn’t take pictures but in my defense, I was in crisis mode and was trying to make it like it never happened. I took the tape off and how fantastic it bled through and I had spots of stain all over the white edge. On the top edge, I just rubbed the side of the brush and that conveniently bled upwards so the crisp clean line I had so diligently kept was all splotched.

I just went back over everything with the white – and then the next morning I think because the stain wasn’t dry it was all showing through so I had to go back over it again and when I came home last night all was right in the world of free tables. Thank god!

The tops look awesome even with the stain on them you can see the grain still! Also, note – that Max is super nosy and loves to be in pictures. Oh one other thing you don’t know about him is how much of a diva he is. He is very sensitive but you might have guessed that after I told you about his allergies HA! If you spray anything like a cleaner or are using paint or product that is strong smelling it gets all dramatic and sneezes really loud and just leaves the room. He wasn’t around for most of this project he sat on the stairs in the other room and whined. He’s so supportive sometimes.

On the bottom edge I did the same thing with the stain – wiped it on and then let is sat and wiped it off. I didn’t have the bleeding I had with the other spots. It could be because this was super dry. When I stained the other parts it was dry-ish.

You can’t tell me the tops don’t look awesome. The poly just made them look even more awesome. I love the look of un-polyed stain but I knew these were going to be side tables in the living room so I would probably have glasses on them and I didn’t want any problems so I just bit the bullet and did it now.

Honestly, do I even need to say it again? They’re AWESOME!

Here they are in place. I’m only going to show you the tables because I still need to find the right lamps and to really style the tops the way I want. They look great – that grate is kind of in a crappy spot – but it’s going to be very important soon once we get our new coal stove hooked up.

Here is a nice comparison of before and after. I use the same hardware because it works with the piece. I may or may not have Gangnam style danced when I finally brought these upstairs. I hate to toot my own horn but TOOT TOOT! Mr.B and I are really happy with how they came out and even though it was a little bit harder to stain and paint the way I did – it makes the table.

It would’ve been fine to just stain the whole table or paint the whole table or even just stain the whole top which I was initially thinking I was going to do, but I really like what I came up with. Sometimes you just have to get into the project and figure it out while you go because I had so many different ideas on what I was going to do with these and then went a totally different direction.

We are happy with them because the table Mr.B uses by his recliner I refinished in white and then made it look rustic by sanding it in spots and the rest of the furniture in there like the fireplace and the bookshelf are all darker wood – so these tables were the glue to bring everybody together.

I’m going to scope out some of the consignment shops and the salvo to see if I can find some lamps with a nice shape and then I can re-paint them a nice pop of color. Haven’t decided on what color it will be, but I’ll keep you updated!

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