Refurbished french provincial dresser for nursery

Painting this baby Mindful Gray by SW. I am so excited getting this baby painted and ready to ship in a few days!

After the first coat of paint (with primer) I decided to paint on a thin coat first and allow 24 hours drying time, than the second day I went a little thicker on the second coat, and sanded again. Sanded after each coat gives the piece a smooth finish, so when you apply the final coat it goes on and looks really smooth to the touch. This technique is a very important part of furniture refurbishing. Even if you use chalk paint, you still need to smooth out somehow either by sanding or using a damp cloth. I prefer sanding.

Here is a quick look at her before I sanded.

Before, the yellowish color had to go.
Vintage French Provincial Dresser
French Provincial Dresser
Painting Mindful Gray by #Sherwin Williams

A closer look! Love the detail

I decided to keep and re-use the vintage hardware for this piece, after all its the original hardware and what makes the dresser stand out, like wearing earrings. I painted the hardware Mindful gray the same color that will be used for the dresser, except i will distress a little to allow the black to show through. I think they look gorgeous so far and with one more coat they are ready for an aged look!. Using a paintbrush works well to get in the corners, and really doesn’t leave a brush mark.

One more and shes ready for slight distressed look!

Before, not terrible, but needed life again.


I wish all my projects were this easy, I don’t want to jinx it or anything, but so far I was able to sand dresser, and all 9 drawers in one day! I even had the chance to give each piece one coat of Mindful Gray. This might just be a one week project, and a few says to allow curing time.

I am thinking of painting the detailed lines a Metallic Silver for a pop of color, depth, and interest.

Sanding, so easy, I am thankful.

One coat of Mindful Gray, what a difference one coat of paint makes.

Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams (apologies for the fuzzy photo, they picked up the dresser while I was at work!)

French Provincial Dresser: Before the Silver Painted Details

The hardware was painted the same color as the dresser, a distressed look and polyurethane for added vintage character.

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