Numbered Dresser

The airplane bedroom is almost done, but I have been killing myself trying to find a cheap or free dresser at the thrift store or on Craigslist. I just can not find one that resembles the lines and drawers of this:

So I just have to use what I already have! This dresser was $998(product is no longer available –, are they kidding me? It is like an invitation or a little man sitting on my shoulder and whispering in my ear:

“come on, Kim… you can do that… try, try, try, try”

Then on the very morning I was about to begin, I stumbled upon this over at Jilly and Mia
These fab girls had the same anthro inspiration as me, but went in a bit of a different direction than I was planning. I LOVE it! And, I was having drawer pull issues and now, I knew exactly what to do, thanks ladies!

Oh, alright, here we go.

This is the dresser that originally came with my nursery furniture.
I did not want anything with the wavy lines, but I just couldn’t find another, I really liked. I am sure the next time I walk into a thrift store it will be sitting right up front though!

Anyway, I gave the entire thing a decent sanding. The sanding took forever and ever, and I think I have asthma from all of the dust I inhaled!
I used some stencils and letters printed off from word.
I traced them onto the drawers and then painted them with black paint. I sanded them a bit after they dried.
I tinted some glaze with wood stain and gave everything two coats.
I let it all dry and drilled bigger holes for my cool new drawer pulls.
I used thick jute and knotted it to make the same pulls Jilly and Mia made.
I cut 24 inch pieces and tied all the front knots first, so the pulls would be the same length.
Then I wrapped masking tape around each end, threaded it through the holes and tied double knots on the inside.
Ta Da!
I heart it!
It is fine that I couldn’t find a different dresser, because this is solid and will last… and it looks so perfect!

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