Nightstand makeover with wallpaper

Look! I finally made a dent in my pile of furniture and finished something! I found this nightstand in the clearance pile at ReStore for only $5! The top was severely damaged but the piece itself was high quality so I decided I couldn’t go wrong with spending only $5.

Here’s what it looked like when I brought it home:

This project has taken me an eternity since I seriously just winged it on this one as the damaged top was something new to me. First, I started to chip away the top thinking I would get to level ground. I gave up on that idea and then just spread the wallboard joint compound on it to level it out as best as I could.

After it was pretty level, I decided that the vintage wallpaper I used on the serving tray would be perfect for this too. And it could cover up the mess I made! So I primed the entire thing with Kilz Original and then painted it the same reddish/burgundy color to match the wallpaper.

After that was dry, I pasted on the wallpaper. Finally, I applied a water-based sealant on the top and then spray painted the hardware. I decided to keep the original hardware because I think the style of them matches the style of the wallpaper but who knows. I’m ready to be done with this so I am just going with it.

And there ya have it~ready for resale!

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