DIY nail polish organizer

I’m typically a pretty organized person I know where everything is because everything has a place. But, nail polish is something I have struggled with organizing for some time now, I have tried storing it every way you can imagine, but each way is not just right I can’t see the colors or the area I have it does not hold all my nail polish (since I have somewhere around 70ish).

I was able to fit it all in my top desk drawer and then my collection began growing a little out of control, then I hung a shelve up in the bathroom that was an old thrift store find and that soon broke because it wasn’t in as good of condition as I thought it was, good thing it was only a few dollars! So then I was pretty much out of ideas.

Until I came across the ugliest shelve thing I have even seen in my life at Goodwill, I don’t know why I was so into picking this $2.99 piece up, I kept picking it up then putting it down until I got to the register and I just went for it! This thing was covered in felt that was super glued all over the wood, like I said not sure what I saw in this, but I knew somehow I would make it work for my nail polish! So this is what I started with.

The first thing I did was remove all the shelves which were way harder than I thought, but I managed to get them all out. When I first picked this up from Goodwill, I thought the felt would be easier to get off, but like I said above whoever had this last super glued it on. I was determined to get it off, so I decided to let it soak in some very hot soapy water and waited about 20 mins, and to my surprise it came off very easily from the shelves. I did the same thing with the actual piece I put the whole thing in water and then I had to scrub to get all the green off the sides and back!

I painted the shelves with some Krylon Spray Paint I had leftover from many projects, I swear these bottles last forever! The color is called Raspberry and I used glossy spray paint, as for the outside on the shelve I used a wall paint color that I had leftover from filling nail holes in the house, on the wood it came out more of a cream color which I liked.

Now it was just time to fill this bad boy with all my nail polishes so I got them all out and categorized them by brand and then within I categorized them by color. I think it makes it easier to find what you looking for especially if you know your nail polish, you pretty much know what you have.

Now time to see how it all came out with the nail polish in place, I’m telling you I was a little skeptical about the piece from the beginning, even after all the painting was done I still thought it wasn’t perfect but I would give it a go and see how it would work out with all the hard work I put into it, and I actually really LOVE IT!

I do think it came out pretty amazing if I do say so myself, especially that hideous before picture! I’m so glad I took a chance, and just with a little scrubbing and paint, it came to be a cute nail polish organizer.

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