Mini china hutch makeover idea

I have a bit of a habit of bringing home furniture from the dump and telling my husband that I will do it up and make it beautiful and that it will not just take up space in the shed for all time… and that is exactly where it stays!

This time, though the find was his and it was amazing and had a lot of potentials!

The only problem was, though, that it was a properly ugly red colour that didn’t fit in our house, and I had a vision!

A little work, a little time, a lot of fun, and it became THIS!

Gorgeous innit!

In real life it’s a very pale blue but that doesn’t really come across in a photo, I did make it deliberately scuffed and scruffy, I do very much like the shabby look and my painting skills are rather… impatient!

Here’s what I did. I took it all to pieces – doors off, glass out, handle off, back off, and I sanded every surface to get the shiny varnish off – then I cleaned the surfaces off and painted them – I used emulsion because I wanted a kind of scruffy matt finish that would wear and get bashed up.

Then I started to put it back together wondering what to do to make the ugly ass red back look nicer – because, as you see below, it looks a bit minging.

It just doesn’t WORK with a red back.

So with my trusty PVA glue, some pretty wrapping paper and my trusty three year old helper, it very quickly changed into something more suitable!

See – MUCH more suitable! I really, really love it with the flower – it’s just gorgeous! I initially wanted white paper with some red polka dot spots on, something totally contrasting, but I couldn’t find any – so I tried this and it is just gorgeous, and well worth the strop I had to find it.

I used my trusty staple gun to put the back back on with the picture in place and hung the doors back on, with a lot of ‘help’ from a toddler.

One final touch to perfect it – this little love birds thingymajig was given to me by my best friend, the magnificent Molly, and I love it – it’s been on the kitchen wall for months but I thought it deserved something a little more special – and because I was crazy in love with the cabinet I stapled it to the front to look extra super perfect – and it goes perfectly (and because it is cream you can see better that the paint I used is blue!)

Then all that there was left to do was put in our carefully selected treasures.

The boys chose the aliens that they made yesterday in our craft session, and I think they fit rather well! Everything in the cabinet means something special – and we LOVE it.

Now we just have to hang it on the kitchen wall so that we can admire it all the time and it isn’t sitting on the table!

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