Dark dresser makeover with milk paint

Do you remember about 1,000 years ago when I mentioned that I am fixing up my master bedroom? Well, we are one step closer to letting you see everything. But for now, I’ll show you the biggest project that I needed to tick off my list.

I am so completely thrilled to tell you that I SURVIVED THIS DRESSER MAKEOVER!

I was worried. This is a big piece and I had very little time to work on it. I also wanted to give it some interest instead of painting it one flat color.

But I’m thrilled with how it now looks.

Here is a before shot:

It was huge, black and had bad gold accents. The only thing that I liked about it was that it had good bones.

I loved it immeasurably more even after the base coat of chalk paint. It took the ‘weight’ out of the piece. Then, when the milk paint went on with all of its variations and texture, I fell in love. At the same time, the details started being more apparent. Look at how the drawers are trimmed and look at the fluting on the side right below the leafy detail. They all just seemed to jump out at me once the piece was painted a creamy white.

Remember when I painted the sconces and showed you each step? I did the exact same steps on this piece. Below you can see the ‘fly-specking’ on the top drawer and the antiquing glaze on the bottom drawer. These are two separate steps.

Now, before you get all “I have no clue how to do any of this, so I’m just not going to try”, let me be clear–None of these steps are hard.

I took this piece and did one or two steps a day. Break it down for yourself so that you don’t get A) sore and B) distraught.

There is always a point in a big project where I feel like there is NO WAY this piece will turn out right. At that point, it’s best to lay down the brush and go to bed (generally that point hits when I’m up past my bedtime). Everything seems possible after a good night’s sleep.

I hand-painted some detail on the sides and on the drawer fronts. If I can do this, you can do this. I don’t even draw stick figures, so there is no ‘artist’ in me.

At the top of the piece, I left alone. It is a warm wood tone, that is in good condition. I love the contrast between the light paint and the dark wood.

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