Re furbished Mid-Century mod dresser

From time to time, I will check out ReStore and other stores like that to look for my next project to work on, which I then either keep or sell. I am actually redesigning my bedroom with a mid-century look so I was ecstatic when I found this piece at a relatively low price:

Normally, I would prefer not to alter antiques but this one had already been painted in the past so I decided to re-finish it. Here is the step by step process I used in refinishing this dresser:

Step 1
Remove the hardware and the drawers. Lightly sand all surface areas.

Step 2
Prime all surface areas of the dresser and drawers with Kilz Original Primer (oil based).

Step 3
Paint the surface areas in either latex or oil paint with a smooth 4″ roller. This dresser took 3 coats of white paint and 2 coats of red paint.

Step 4
Spray paint the hardware if you choose.

Step 5
Apply a coat of water-based sealant on the top of the dresser. Then you’re finished and can put it all back together!

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