Metal baskets renewed

Y’all are going to stop believing me with all of my trashy finds because they seem too good to be true.  But I’m going to keep sharing them with you… even if you don’t believe. I found TWO treasures last week alone. People around here must read this blog and think “Holly needs to do something with this…”  (Fill in the blank with wood/glass hutch, giant flower pots, coffee table, etc.)
Or they are crazy people.

Either way, it’s a score for me and I am thankful for my generous neighbors.
Trash {to treasure} Basket - McCall Manor
These little cuties were just laying on the side of the road (waving at me) when I was driving home from school drop-off.

So, I stealthily whipped my big ‘ol SUV over to the WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD and scooped them up.

Wheels screeching…


open-windowed fist-pumping…

I’m a rebel I tell ya.
Trash {to treasure} Basket - McCall Manor
I’m wearing lots of black eyeliner these days to go along with my new persona.
Trash {to treasure} Basket - McCall Manor
I smuggled them home in my back seat and gave them the soapy water treatment.

Then got out my spray paint (all of us rebels have a stash of spray paint, you know) and did a solid (graffiti) treatment.
Trash {to treasure} Basket - McCall Manor
While the kids were still in school, I made a break for it and headed (in the get-away SUV) to JoAnn’s.

I sauntered in there like I owned the place and found these cute tough little chalkboards.
Trash {to treasure} Basket - McCall Manor
I didn’t even use a coupon.
Trash {to treasure} Basket - McCall Manor
If living like this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

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