Medicine cabinet makeover

Let me give you some background before we begin…

This medicine cabinet is located in our only main floor bathroom (read: the bathroom guest will use). It is also the bathroom that WE use the most (brushing teeth, makeup, hair, etc). Therefore, this cabinet has to be functional (i.e. hold all our crap stuff), but also clean, neat, organized, and hopefully {just a little} pretty to look at!

I reached a low point with the cabinet when our nanny texted me to ask where we kept thermometers. Even though I told her ‘the medicine cabinet’, she still couldn’t find one that worked in all the mess! Definitely NOT functional.

Here’s the before:

The cabinet … before

That top shelf has some medicine (who knows if it’s expired), some thermometers (broken ones, apparently), about 1000 band-aids and boxes, and some other miscellaneous things you would expect to find in a medicine cabinet.

The middle shelf has all my makeup, nail polish, toothpaste, hairbrush, etc. Yikes … no wonder I can never find my eye shadow!!

And the bottom shelf has more random stuff, some of it empty … I’m sure.

As I was randomly getting ready on the morning last week, I decided it was time! In the middle of applying my makeup, I decided that I had had enough!! I emptied the whole thing out, all over our sink cabinet …


Upon closer look, the inside of the cabinet was quite disgusting:


Lotion + grapeseed oil (I like to use this on my face … don’t ask) + powdery makeup + hairbrushes and combs = a film of nastiness along each shelf and at the bottom of the cabinet. I was able to scrub it off the paint eventually, but we needed a solution.

Enter my favorite shelf paper ever …

Covering the back and shelves with shelf paper

I bought this paper Chic Shelf Paper, and I just love it! It’s super thick and goes on easily … without wrinkles. Now, when my lotion overflows, or my powder spills, it wipes off in an instant … with just a tissue (no scrubbing required)!

Next, I was on the hunt for some containers to hold all the stuff that would go back in the cabinet. I found two of these galvanized tins with chalkboard labels already on them in our basement. I think I had used them to hold pens for my cousin’s baby shower last year. They were rescued from the basement and now became band-aid and medicine holders.

New LABELED bins for our bandaids and medicine

It’s amazing how much LESS room it takes up when you consolidate the FOUR half-empty boxes of bandaids we had!!

On to my existing makeup holder. I like that it has separate compartments, I like that it’s shallow so I can see what’s in there, but I don’t love the color and I don’t love that I can’t remember what stuff goes in what compartment. Spray paint and gold glittery letters to the rescue!

Drab green makeup organizer gets a makeover!

That’s better!

And for the bottom shelf, I first sorted all of the containers. I was able to throw away quite a few empty bottles of stuff. Now I was just in need of 1. a makeup brush holder and 2. a bin to hold jewelry and other miscellaneous small items. SHOT GLASSES! Yep, these don’t get much use these days, so why not give them a new purpose in life. With a little hot pink sparkle tape from JoAnn, these make a fun girly addition to the cabinet:

Shot glasses get repurposed!

I think they add just the perfect amount of color and bling to the cabinet …

Bottom shelf after

I put it all together, and here’s the after …


And the side by side comparison …

This was a much smaller-scale project than the craft closet transformation a couple of weeks ago, but you have no idea how much happier this makes my mornings!
Instead of hunting for my eye shadow or lipstick, I can now reach right for it.
Now I can easily find it in that pink sparkly shot glass.
My husband’s collar stiffeners laying around everywhere, he can now keep them in the shot glass!
When I’m in a hurry and have a kid hanging on my leg (which is most mornings), it’s so nice to just be able to find what I need. This is proof that simple changes can make a HUGE improvement in your life (and I’m not exaggerating).
My husband has even mentioned a couple of times how nice the cabinet looks. I never heard any comments from him on the craft closet, so apparently, this small change is affecting him as well!

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