Lyric Piano Bench

As y’all know, or maybe not, I am in the process of decorating a home that is 3000 miles away… not an easy task. We are waiting until the end of the school year to move back to Alabama, and our new home is just sitting there. I’m imagining a small bench at the end of my bed, or under a window, or… okay, I just like benches! I acquired this one with a free piano. The piano is gone, but I couldn’t part with the bench.

Old piano bench

My plan… a new chalk paint recipe, a drop cloth cover, and a french script transfer with a little Sharpie accent. This was the plan, but plans can change, right? Here are my initial supplies:

Bench, drop cloth, plaster of paris for paint, and Sharpies

Graphics Fairy printable

Graphics Fairy printable

Flat paint…off white

Staple gun

My supplies included some awesome
free printables and a chalk
paint recipe.

First I made up the chalk paint:

  • 1/3 Cup Plaster of Paris
  • 2/3 Cup Flat paint

…so easy, and cheap!

1/3 cup plaster of paris

The first batch was lumpy and not working, so I grumbled and started over (foreshadowing). I added a little water to the plaster of paris and mixed until it was smooth… then I added the paint. This did the trick!

2/3 cup flat latex mixed in….buttery smooth

The bench looked terrible, and I hate to sand anything, so chalk paint seemed like a good alternative to hours of sanding… don’t ya think?

Sanding or chalk paint?….definitely paint!

I took off her top and added some chalk paint…

One coat

2 coats on… lookin’ good

Unfortunately, at this point I did have to do a little sanding, but chalk paint is pretty easy to sand… and you can use a damp cloth to lightly distress it. Gotta love this stuff!

Sanded and lightly distressed

After the painting was done, it was time to get busy covering the top of the bench with my handy dandy drop cloth. I love that I could get my “fabric” at Home Depot. Back to work, I decided to use a cushion from an old broken lawn chair for the seat… free is best!

Great free cushion

Did I mention that the broken chair was a favorite of our puppy, Bella? She loved to hop up on that old broken chair anytime she went out… Now, she is totally confused.

“Mom, This is mine…pleeease!”
Look at those sad eyes

Despite the puppy “sad” eyes, I cut off the fabric and made use of the fluff.

“New” stuffing… now I need some new scissors

I cut the drop cloth to fit the lid, leaving an extra 8 inch edge… just for good measure. Then I did the same for the cushion. At this point I wanted to make use of the great free printables, but it was not to be. I had my printables and this:

I need DIY for dummies!

To my dismay, wax paper and freezer paper are NOT the same thing, really? I printed out all my designs on the wax paper, got the iron hot, and NOTHING!
Wax paper does not transfer a thing. Most people would probably have waited and bought freezer paper, but I have zero patience, and I wanted it done, so I needed a new plan. Cover the bench and make Sharpie magic later.
Now I was ready to cover the lid… or so I thought. The actual covering and stapling photos are few cause’ I got totally distracted. Here’s what I have:

Staple the center of all four sides first…then corners

To cover the entire bottom I cut more drop cloth, and used some spray adhesive

Why so few pics, and what distracted me? Well here is where we have a DIY for dummies moment! Does anyone own a staple gun? Have you owned an older staple gun? Well there is a difference and I know what it is, do you? DIY for DUMMIES LESSON!

Dummie Fact #1… This is a staple gun

Dummie Fact #2 – This is the way to hold a staple gun

Dummie Fact #3 – This arrow is there
for a reason… a good one!

So why did I mention “old” staple guns? Well, the older models were operated by putting pressure on the back of the gun, like so:

Dummie Fact # 4 – This is NOT the proper way
to hold a staple gun

I would like to point out that the “PowerShot” logo is facing in the right direction, even though the gun is not… a person could get confused! And to conclude the DIY for Dummies lesson: Do not leave any body part under the gun!

I actually held the gun backward while sitting on the floor with my foot under the other end… the lethal end!
So, like I said, I was distracted, by pain, and did not take my pics of the actual covering and stapling. Don’t worry, except for desperately needing a pedicure, I’m okay. Lesson over!

Still considering what to do with the cover, I decided to decoupage the inside of the bench with pages from an old hymnal, just for fun.

I love decoupage

I really like that there will be a nice surprise inside the bench. For this look I just tore the pages randomly, and used equal parts of glue and water to decoupage. Sticky, but fun!

I put it off long enough and now it was time to decorate the bench top.


I was considering painting the bench red, like the heart… is this too much? Tell me what you think, and share any of your new products or fun parties.

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