Restoring old library chair

February is the month that I am tackling all of the projects in my garage. We have a 3 car garage and currently have no cars parked in it.
Ridiculous, I know. So it is time for me to get through some of the projects that have been piling up over the last few months.
I started off by painting a desk (you’ll see it pretty soon), taking apart some large electrical spools (to make more clocks), building a work table (built that Thursday–you’ll see it soon as well) and finally this sad-looking library chair got the attention it deserves.

I bought this chair at Matthew’s Hope Chest for about $20. I paid the money, grabbed the chair, and ran as I stole it before they could change their mind! This style of chair is one of my favorites and it felt like a steal for that amount of money.

Now, it needed work and I was afraid it was going to be another fiasco like my kitchen chairs.
You remember them…they tried to kill me. I had to strip the varnish off of each of them and then sand, stain & seal.
But thankfully this chair only needed a bit of sanding, staining and sealing. One weekend and it was done. If only all the other items went that quickly.

This chair now lives inside the house instead of in the garage. Although Mr. Creativity is threatening to take it to his office.
Not sure that will happen…but he can try.

Looking at all of the details on this chair, I’m pretty sure I made a great purchase.

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