Laundry Basket Drawers

They used to be a rickety bookshelf. I got them from someone who was getting rid of them. It’s a place where you can give away stuff you don’t have any use for or get stuff that others no longer want. Sometimes you can get some really awesome stuff (like a Barbie jeep we got for my daughter) totally free!!

There were actually two bookshelves so I had a pile of 1x12s to use.  My first project was a cubby bench to control the clutter and shoes at my front door.

You can find the details here.

My next project was a few laundry basket dressers. I saw these a while ago on Ana White’s site. Since I was working from “found” supplies I had to modify her plans a but so I could use the scrap wood I had on had. Her plans call for using 1x16s.  However, my “free” boards were 1x12s. To make up the difference I used some 1x2s that were left over from the packaging on the new sliding doors we had installed a few weeks ago (my husband is a bit of a hoarder).  The top and bottom was cut from a piece of builders grade plywood that I had leftover from another project. It wasn’t pretty but once it was painted it looked fine. I also used a leftover piece beadboard that we installed around the perimeter of my “craft/sewing” room for the back. The only thing I had to purchase was two angle irons. The total cost was around $20 for all three.

You can see in the picture where I have a small gap between the 1×12 and the 1×2 on the side.  It doesn’t affect the function at all.  I am thinking about adding a 1×2 to the front edge so it matches and looks a little more finished.

After a coat of Kilz primer to hide the knot holes and a coat of white paint I just needed to do the final step of adding the angle iron. And here it is in it’s new home. I also added lables to the baskets so everyone knows which is theirs.

It works great and is definitely more functional than having laundry baskets laying all over the floor. Some days it was hard to even walk through my laundry room. I did save some money on the brackets by just placing the bottom basket on the floor instead of hanging it.

For the one on the other side of my laundry room I decided that we only needed 2 baskets (that gives us a total of 5 – one for each person and one for linens/towels/misc). Instead of the sixth basket I added a shelf and two containers to store our pool toys, goggles, etc.

No more piles of laundry all mixed up that never get put away!

Also I made one for my bedroom. I was tired of tripping over my husbands workout bag! For this one I hung the top two baskets and left the bottom open for his gym bag.

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