Laminate Bookshelf with Fabric Backdrop

I’m sure everyone at some point in their lives has owned a small laminate shelf, you know the ones you pick up for your university books at Walmart for $15.00? Well, I found one in my neighborhood looking for some serious TLC. I thought changing it up a bit with some spray paint and fabric would work well.

I didn’t know how painting a laminated wood product would work but it seems to be doing well.

I first sanded it with some 220 grit sandpaper and wiped it dry.

I then applied a white spray paint primer which seems to make a big difference; I’ve spray painted items before without using a primer and the extra tackiness seems to help.

Once the primer dried for a few hours I applied 2 coats of white spray paint, allowing it to get tacky or dry between coats, about 30mins.

Using the old back as a template, I cut some thick cardboard we had from our cabinet renovation to make a new back.

Using spray-glue,  I attached the fabric to the cardboard and then used a nail gun to re-attach to the back to the now dry shelf.

This is the result:

I think it looks pretty nice for a few bucks! Now I need to find a home for it!

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