Kitchen island makeover

Hello there friends! I’m back from my trip to Charleston and will be sharing some of my photos soon. Today is the debut of my friend’s Kitchen Island Makeover! My friend, Lori, is such a sweetie! It only took her 6 months to give in to my continual peer pressure to paint her kitchen island! So, with a little Van Gogh Chalk Paint and a whole lot of mishaps (think “Lucy & Ethel” when we get together), we transformed her kitchen island!

We wanted a creamy white tone to lighten up the space and also wanted to add some interest to the boring boxy island. We settled on using Van Gogh Chalk Paint and a faux leg (or two)! I also recommended that we glaze it with a mocha glaze, we chose Valspar Translucent Glaze (not pictured).

The cabinets were first de-greased with Simple Green. Then, we tried out the first coat of paint on one side before putting on the legs! We were a little excited, plus I didn’t want to give her the chance to back out. The paint went on smooth with a foam roller and natural bristle artist brushes. Once the paint was on it, there was no turning back! Next, we took our “legs”, which were really halves of a newel post (a.k.a. those things at the bottom of a staircase) and cut the tops off so that we had a flat edge to butt up underneath the counter top.

A whole lot of Liquid Nails later…This is how it looked installed (after we took the quarter round off, which was no easy task!)

Then, after all of that, it was decided that we didn’t like this look! What Lori really wanted was a pizza! Umm, not the pizza you eat but a pizza cut leg that would fit the corner of the island. So, off came the first leg attempt and we were left with this… that’s a whole lot of liquid nails to scrape off!

After Lori scraped off all the glue and purchased whole newel posts, we had to find someone to make a pizza cut for us. Now, I can make a mean pizza, but I cannot cut a wedge out of a newel. So, we stalked the neighborhood for any workers that might be doing work in the area. And we came across these guys…

Lo and behold, they knew how to make a pizza cut! Woohoo!

All that was left to do was glue it in place and caulk! The next day we finished our painting and followed that up with a coat of satin poly. After that it was on to the glaze (just a little).

It was only applied to the creases and edges and then immediately wiped with a clean lint free cloth, leaving a small amount of glaze. This is what we wanted to achieve…just a hint of depth.

Left door with glaze (partially), right door without glaze.

Lori’s cute knobs were put back on and really stood out against the creamy white.

It’s hard to see the glaze in the after shots, as it is really subtle. Overall, it took us about 5 days to complete this project and we used 1 and 1/4 quarts of Van Gogh Chalk paint to fully cover the dark wood. Three coats of paint!

Here is what we started with…

And, here is our end result (still trying to find the perfect outlet cover).

Wait…problem solved! Just add a towel bar!

I think we really freshened up her kitchen and added significant interest to her island!

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