Kitchen Chair Restoration

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but the fabric on my kitchen chairs was disgusting! We’ve had these chairs since we got married almost 6 years ago, and we had purchased them used. I guess I just didn’t notice it, but as soon as I mentioned that I was thinking about trying to recover them, my friends and family members quickly responded with “That would be an excellent idea!!!” Ouch. I wonder how long people have been coming over for dinner and cringing as they sat down to eat…

Scott helped unscrew the cushions.

The date on the chair said that it had been upholstered in 1959! And judging by the one set of staple holes, that was the only time it had been done. YUCK!!!! I apologize to anyone who has ever sat in these chairs!

Well, at least that is in the past! For $30, my sister Melissa and I completely recovered the chairs with fun home decor fabric, and even replaced the foam padding! We were only planning on recovering the chairs with new fabric (which cost me $12!), but when we took off the old material we knew the padding had to go!!! The foam was pretty pricy, but it had to be done!

old material and thin padding

We took the old material and used it as a pattern as we cut the new stuff. Isn’t it pretty? It matches my kitchen perfectly!

Then, Melissa and I layered the foam and the quilt batting, and tried to staple it onto the wood… but we couldn’t figure out the staple gun. Turns out we were stapling with the wrong end… so that’s why the staples were shooting out all over the floor!!! Oops… Well, it made Scott come to the rescue (which was truly our ploy all along!).

And that was it! Easy as pie! I can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier. I know that these could easily get stained again with my girls, but I’m making them sit on kitchen towels now at the table! Hopefully, that will prevent some damage.

And for the record, we made it over a week before a cappuccino was spilled on the chair! And thankfully, it just pooled on top, so the fabric must be somewhat water-resistant. I quickly wiped it up and there was no stain! AMAZING!!!. But even if it does get soiled, I figure I can afford to pay $12 a year to replace the material. The padding should last until 2048 at least! lol

Melissa and I rested after our hard work! It wasn’t easy learning how to use a staple gun! The chairs are so cushy, it’s like a little surprise for your rear every time you sit down! 🙂

So who wants to come over for dinner next?!!

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