Refreshed kids picnic table

Have I established myself yet as the queen of freecycle and craig’s list free?  I love love love the idea of saving something from the trash and fixing it up and using it and loving it.  Tag sales, goodwill….  they are like treasure hunts for me and I love it!  I can see a piece in horrible shape and envision it as it could be.

A few weeks ago I scored a little tykes picnic table on freecycle.  And she threw in the turtle sandbox too!

It is a nice, simple, picnic table. Nothing special. Nothing fun. But perfect for 3 kids and perfectly sized.

But boring!

That’s ok though, a quick Google search confirmed that I was right – you can paint plastic! Google Little Tykes picnic table paint and you will see tons of examples of amazing work! I mean the crafty people out there in the world have attacked this table with paint, with fabric, with vinyl, with stickers… I was drooling on the screen! But I wanted simpler and colorful. And thanks for the good people who invented Krylon Fusion spray paint, my boring picnic table is now a colorful fun place for kids!

That orange seat is my favorite!!  This table is now fun, bright, and perfect!  Totally worth every penny I spent on the spray paint I will use again
If you are considering a project like this, the most important part in my mind was the good cleaning I gave it.  The hardest part was taking it apart, and that did require our neighbor’s heavy duty tools.  Once it was apart, I think I took a few weeks to make sure it was really clean.  Then, since I rebuilt it myself (with new hardware, the old stuff was really rusty), I had D stand on each bench and on the top.  Since it never broke, I consider it good to go!

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