Kids chair makeover

Hello, everyone! I have a quick makeover I was able to squeeze in during my current project. My current project is an immense undertaking, and I needed to walk away for a moment due to a mini tantrum I had. Do your projects mock you?

Hmmm. . .maybe it is just me?
Because of the whole fiasco in k’s room (yes, we have torn down the wall), I have been very, very slowly trying to decorate his room without using the room.

Does that make sense? Basically, when we finally get his room redone (new wall, new carpet, deep cleaning), I will be able to move everything back in and hopefully decorate it quickly. In the meantime, I have set up a playroom in the loft area and using it as a mock template of ideas for his room.

I have been looking for some new chairs for k’s room. He has outgrown his last table and chairs (I donated them to the local thrift store) and I was on the lookout for some new ones. While I have not been able to find a table I like (I may make one), I did find two preschool chairs at the same thrift store I donate to. Yay! The chairs were $4.00 each! I like that price.

Kids Chair Makeover

Preschool chair – Before (front).

Kids Chair MakeoverPreschool chair – Before (back). Love the $4.00 price tag.

Yes, someone else had painted it purple. The original color is yellow.

At first I was not sure what original color the legs were. Upon investigating, the legs were originally painted yellow. I looked on-line and some of these preschool chairs come with chrome legs or painted ones. I thought about stripping the paint off the legs, and realized I just do not have time for that. lol I grabbed my new favorite primer, 220 sandpaper to ensure a smooth finish and blue spray paint (satin indigo) and went to work. For those who know that k’s favorite color is orange, he will have plenty of orange in his room when I am done. I am not ignoring his many request for orange things in his room.

LOVE this primer and shade of blue spray paint.

Here is the chair all one color and no peeling paint.

Kids Chair MakeoverPreschool chair – After.

For how little I paid for the chair(s), I am super pleased with the way it turned out. I still have to finish the other chair. Perhaps this weekend. Until then, k is using the blue chair indoors and the unfinished one is in the garage. He likes to sit on it and watch me work (when it is safe to do so).

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