IKEA Chair Into A Swivel Rocker

What to do when you really want a comfy rocker for the nursery, but you don’t want to pay high prices? DIY a rocker yourself! After reading this post from Freckles Chick, I forwarded it to my friends who had just talked to me about this! They went to work.

They bought an old rocker chair off Craigslist and took off all of the mechanisms. Rather than explain something I really don’t know – I just took pictures. They attached it to the bottom of a slipcovered Ikea chair. You can kind of understand how the attached it by looking at the pictures! I can get step by step instructions if you would like, but my husband looked at the pictures and said it seemed pretty self-explanatory.

They saved hundreds of dollars and got the same look – it looks fantastic! It is just the look they were going for. I love it!

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