IKEA furniture hack: Storage box makeover

No matter how much space you have, it seems like [in our house, anyway] toy storage is always an issue.
I thought when we finished the basement this problem would be solved since The Redhead had her own playroom. But, all it really did was create a ‘dumping ground’ for the hoard of toys and games. So, I’m constantly on the lookout for storage solutions.

But, since it’s in a basement, I’m not too keen on spending a whole lot (but really, when am I ever? 🙂 )

I found the above picture in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog – I loved the look, I loved the function (those wheels!)…. didn’t love the price tag ($299). After staring at the box for a bit, I realized I/you/we can make this same storage piece for a fraction of the cost!

You in? Sweet. Start with the APA Storage Box from IKEA – a great deal at $14.99.

Here’s what I ended up with after my first hack using the APA Box… I stained the wood borders, then covered the white panels with fabric and added some nailhead trim. Save a couple steps, this is a super similar process.

(I used Minwax’s Dark Walnut to stain the wood pieces. )

From there for this project, rather than cover the pressed-board panels with fabric, just paint them your color of choice. If you’re going for an exact replica of the PBK toy box… well then, you’ll choose red.:)
Go ahead and assemble the box (minus the lid, again, if you’re going for an exact match).

For the final details, you can find simple castors to screw into the bottom and metal hinges for the edges at your local hardware store for cheap.
For the lettering, simply paint your letters on and [lightly] distress the finish. If you’re not confident in your letter-painting skillz, just order your words in vinyl and call it good 🙂

Either way, you’re guaranteed to end up with a similar, equally functional version for about $40 or less… that’s a pretty great margin considering the version below costs $299.
(Again, this picture is from PB – I haven’t completed this hack yet. Just to clarify 🙂 )

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