Refurbished heavy dresser

I’m so excited to show you guys my first attempt at glazing. I purchased this vintage chest at a salvage yard for $50. The guy had $70 on it but said it had been there for a while. I just fell in love with her.

She even had a smile. She was ready to go home.

I started by cleaning her with some denature alcohol. I LOVE that stuff but it STINKS !!!
Vixen was very interested in the new member of our family.

After shewing him off, I got to work. I lightly sanded then primed her with my trusty Kilz.

I decided to roll my color instead of using a brush because the surface was flat and the roller makes such a smooth finish.
I did 2 coats of color which is an oops color so I have no idea what the real color name is.

Then I applied Ralph Lauren’s Glaze in Smoke.
** side note ~ I hope Home Depot never loses the recipe for Ralph Lauren Glazes.

After spraying the knobs with Krylon’s Oil Rubbed Bronze, she’s ready for her close up.

Ain’t she purdy?

She’s now storing all our sheets and blankets perfectly.

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