DIY harvest sign from old cabinet door

I’ve seen some fun possibilities flying around Pinterest and knew I could put my own spin on them.

Blank slate right.  Just a plain (oak?) cabinet door.

With a little spray paint, some help from my Silhouette, voila – the perfect little November-themed “sign”.

I’ll be honest.  My original intent was to paint this sign white, and have the letters be a copper acrylic color that I’ve been dying to use.  But, well I had to go with plan B because my “stencil” didn’t quite transfer as easily as I had hoped.

{Some times in life, you just don’t end up with Plan A.  It’s a good lesson to learn, and accept, early on if you can}.

I simply used leftover gold spray paint.

The font I used was Onyx.  And I then stretched it to fit the dimensions I needed for this particular cabinet (20.5″ x 4.5″).

I sort of played around with where this little guy was going to find a home for the next month or so.  But ultimately, I think it’s fate is in someone else’s home.
Mama needs some Christmas shoppin money!

A pretty simple project that cost me nothing since I used all things I already had on hand.  Can’t wait to put these other cabinets to use!

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