Hanging Jewelry Holder from a Rocker

I found this rocker on the curb, just begging to be rescued! My plan was to paint it white and save it for the screened-in porch… Well, as it turns out I have no place to keep this thing cute little rocker! Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but when you have limited space (1200 sq ft) some things have to go!

You will have to wait to see what I did with most of it, but I did make something for my daughter with one part… Take a look…

The chair came apart… I primed the back and began the process of creating something… anything!
Next I grabbed my daughter’s favorite color… turquoise, and got to work!

This is NOT a paid endorsement (they don’t even know I’m alive), but after using many, many, many spray paints, I have to say that Valspar has em’ all beat…Hands down!!
This stuff sprays like a dream… smooth, even spray with no “spits”… covers great too!!

After my dreamy paint job… I added some bling from one of Amelia’s silky scarfs.

So do you know what it is? Kinda obvious huh? Well I have seen many “frame” jewelry holders on Pinterest, so why not a chair… it already has the holes!

Amelia loves it… isn’t that what counts!

Now it is your turn… do you like it?

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