How to restore an old dresser

He was in really rough shape. The top was BADLY warped but the body was in decent shape.
Even if the pieces couldn’t be rescued I knew I could save the solid brass handles.

I started by removing the top completely and replacing it with a couple of pieces of wood

I traced the front of the dresser under the front piece and cut it out
Then glued (Gorilla glue) and clamped it down for 2 days

After it was attached securely, I took a sander to it and rounded the edges
also making sure that the seam was not noticeable (I didn’t use any wood filler)

I then stained the top with some Minwax Dark Walnut

After I let that sit and dry for a few good days I started to sand the rest of the piece

You can kind of see the inside of the middle drawer. I had to remove the bottoms of the two large drawers because they were unsalvagable.

Here’s where it sat for about 3 weeks while I was on the hunt for the perfect knobs

I took the drawers into the shop replaced the bottoms then stained them with the same Dark Walnut

Then I painted the top, inside and bottoms of the drawers, inside of the dresser and the back with Behr’s Indiscreet Red. A little distressing, some more stain, sanding, wax, some new knobs and he’s DONE : )

He’s handsome now

(sorry for the bad picture inside : ( )

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