Refurbishing bench with grain sack upholstery and fresh paint

I tackled another quick project for our master bedroom update.

We’ve had this boring bench that I bought for our room about 4 years ago from Sears (what?), always with the intention that we’d recover it.

It took me 4 years, but I finally did it.

Using the amazeballs grain sack fabric that was on sale for a hot second at Decor Steals, I added a little more french flair to our room.

I’m not an expert upholsterer (word?), but using Blake’s muscles, and a staple gun, we were able to recover this bad boy pretty easily.

And of course, a quick coat of white spray paint to rid of the wrought iron.

And voila – I love this bench for the first time!

I love anything grain sack right now, and found these really cute art prints that might be going up on the walls too.

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