Refurbished board game table

At the beginning of last year, I picked up this turn of the century game table at a rummage sale for $20.

It was WAY more than I would normally spend but when I saw it I knew that it was something I wasn’t gonna come across very often. In fact, I knew it was different but I wasn’t too sure what it was so I took it to an antique appraiser friend of mine who told me exactly what it was used for. It was a game table.

The top opened up and came off to reveal a space that you could put cards, game boards, and game pieces. There was a hole in the frame that a disk (on the top – that was missing) that allowed the top to swivel.

The piece was solid except the top was a little rickety due to it’s age. I took it in to the shop to secure the box frame. We removed it and found some COOL square nails which gave us the age of the turn of the century.
It made the piece even cooler to know how old it was.
I wanted to do something really cool but couldn’t figure out what it was gonna be … UNTIL it hit me
I started by sanding the whole piece and applied the base coat of black

Then with multiple shades of gray, a little blue, and some white I tackled the box frame. I wanted it to resemble aged weathered wood

After the paint was dried I decided to add some numbers. They mean nothing. I just wanted it to have a shipping crate feel

After a lil’ distressing … don’t cha’ love the black peeking through?

Now onto the base. I applied MANY layers of colors (letting each one dry in between)

Again a lil’ distressing. Ok, a lil’ more distressing than I liked

I wasn’t feeling it so I re-applied the light gray/white color

and distressed again … much better

To tone everything down I broke out my stain

I wanted something different when you opened the top. So I applied a vintage nautical San Fransisco nautical chart on the underside of the top. Once the chart was dried I applied Minwax’s Special dark wax over it (and the rest of the piece) to give it a nice aged look

Once the piece was completely dried, I took it in to the shop and we hard attached the top to the base so that it now only opens on the side the “box” is on.

There’s no playing around with this piece … get it … playing around … it’s a game table
Sorry, lol. I like how it turned out. I can see it in a “man cave”
It’s a VERY VERY cool piece now

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