From Dresser to Plant Holder

Last week I shared with you how this good for nothing piece of junk kept falling apart.
Now, even though I was at odds with this piece and ready to hack it up, I just have a problem tossing things.
I decided to move it into the backyard and see what would happen… well, other than my husband raising his eyebrows in disbelief when I told him it was staying there.

HaHa… I am pretty sure all of my neighbors are going to think I’m off my rocker. But this side of our yard is super shady and NOTHING grows there, the dog keeps digging up the bare soil, and I hate the wasted space. So why not give this one a shot?!
My mom was visiting and she is just like me…or is that I am just like her? Anyway, we were messing around with the power tools and decided to cut out half of the dresser top and nestle one planting box right in there. I threw some little mason jars at the top too.
These planting boxes from Lowes have an attached drainage plate on the bottom so the drawers aren’t soaking wet all the time. I did give this dresser 2 more coats of polyurethane to try and protect it from the elements too.
The planters fit so perfectly. The are resting on the bottom of the drawer, but the top lip is also resting on the edge of the drawer for more support. The drawers can’t be closed, by devious little minions either which is a bonus!
I planted lettuce, spinach, and arugula and figure I can harvest a crop before our last freeze date, when it is safe to plant everything. I think some cascading and crawling flowers, plants, and vines will look great in the top planter!
So whatcha think? Am I crazy…
P.S.: I did put bricks on the bottom of the dresser behind the 4th drawer, so hopefully it won’t topple over.
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