DIY transform drawer into a footstool

Labor Day weekend, my cousin came down to visit and n the side of the road we saw an old abandoned dresser. It was in BAD shape. Really bad. But the drawers were in good shape. Dovetailed construction, sold wood, pretty hardware. So I took three of them. Right off the side of the road. I have never seen quality stuff on the side of the road, really, I rarely see ANYTHING on the side of the road. The drawers had potential though, and they came home with me.

Picture D’s face when we proudly came home with three drawers off the side of the road! I mean, I have a great husband, who is tolerant of my upcycling habit, but I think he was pretty skeptical of this one.

The drawers sat in the basement for a few months awhile I let my wheels spin and come up with an idea.

Then I got it! And Emily and I got busy! I stopped into Lowes one day and got 4 pretty furniture feet and then I put a piece of wood into each corner (you can see them in the picture of Em painting – the feet are on the top (bottom) of the drawer). She and I picked out a pretty blue color and painted the drawer and feet.

Then D got involved and cut me a board for the top and I sanded down all the edges.

Using the wood pieces I put on the bottom of the drawer, I screwed in the freshly painted foot and voila!

It was at this point that D remarked – “it looks like a drawer with legs”. And, really, it is. I debated for a bit and decided not to touch the drawer pull. It is so pretty the way it is, and I like the old, slightly tarnished look as well. I thought spray painting it silver might make it “too” clean looking, you know?

Some foam batting and pretty fabric later and I have a pretty little footstool

It is not 100% done yet. I keep thinking I want to add hinges so the kids can open and close it themselves. For now though, my feet are super comfy. I have 2 more drawers in the basement, so maybe 2 more footstools in my future? I want to see how the kids use this one.

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