Restored dark dresser and finished with light paint

My main man is refusing to bring home any more furniture for me until I finish the stuff I have crammed in the garage. Sniff.

He may be onto something though since the neighbors are staring for longer than is polite when the garage door is open…

So, without further ado, here is a little dresser I did this morning.



I forgot about my before picture as you can see, I’d already painted two drawers by the time I remembered.

Some small child or bank employees had put “Royal Bank of Canada” stickers all over this ugly black dresser which I bought for $5 on Kijiji. Also, I got to scrape off a hunk of gum someone chose to stick to the side. Bonus.

On a side note, why would anyone list something for $5? If all you want is $5 for something, then you’d likely be just as happy with $0. No? Anyway, I paid her in change so it would seem like she was getting more out of the deal.

I had to do something about the gold 70’s hardware so I used some Rub’n’Buff in “Spanish copper” which is the neatest stuff!! Put it on with a finger and then buff it shiny after. Tada!



Would any of you consider painting some vertical red stripes on one of the drawers? Just cause I love the red stripe on my ladder. Or am I delusionally turning my home into a fishing tackle box?

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