French Media Cabinet

I’m so excited to share my ‘find’ with you! This piece is by far my favorite find – EVER. The best part is it was: FREE! I have a love/hate relationship with Craigslist, the day I found this was definitively a love day! The other reason I love this is because I have a thing for old media cabinets. Many of them are super unique and have great character. I’ve used them as TV consoles, sofa tables or even buffets. They have so much potential and the design ideas are endless!

Good thing I have an amazing hubby who’s willing to gut these babies; it’s a huge pain in the ‘you know what’!

The front piece which held the chicken wire and fabric came right off the front which made it way easier to work with, once we got the thing off!

Using my new-found recipe for DIY chalk paint, I painted the main piece white.

I knew I wanted a 2 tone look, so I decided on a french blue for the front piece (sorry didn’t get a picture of that). I spray painted the chicken wire with a fresh coat of black to help it pop and replaced the icky fabric with a canvas drop cloth. I simply hot glued it into the front piece.

As they say, ‘It’s all in the details’ and this piece was a perfect example!

Using the Easy Transfer Method from the Graphics Fairy, I transferred a frenchie graphic to the top. I think it turned out pretty cute for my first attempt!

The last 2 steps were easy peasy! I sanded it down to give it a distressed look and used a black glaze to give it an old french chic look.

Drum roll please… the finished French Chic Cabinet:

I stayed up until 3 am finishing this project and now I just can not stop staring at it!

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