Refurbished side table with french graphic

Just a quick post showing off a cute little table that got a makeover. I’m in up to my eyeballs right now with furniture rehabs, which if you know me at all, makes for one happy girl. I’m just putting the finishing touches on the wheeled cart I showed you all a couple of weeks back, I’m in the painting phase of a beautiful coffee table I just bought, I’m adding the final wax on the armoire for our master bedroom, & about four other projects are lying around her in some stage of completion.

So next week is going to be a busy one making sure I get everything posted. Yea!! There’s nothing I like more than a freshly finished project to put a hippy in my skippy.

I’ve had this little table for yeeaarrss. I won’t tell you exactly how many because it might age me. *wink*
It’s nothing fancy, but it has served us well in many areas of our home. It’s been an entry table for keys, a bedside table, a hallway table for miscellaneous decor, a side table for the couch in the living room, and even put in storage for a bit. Poor little thing has been through it all.

I decided to give it a long overdue paint job to get rid of the blonde/orange/outdated color. It’s funny how a piece of furniture can go overlooked for so long in your home. It just becomes a part of the scenery until one day you notice it sitting there in all it’s ugliness awkwardness & you realize you have failed it.

I wanted to lighten up our decor, which I have been slowly working on, so I settled on … satin white. No surprise I’m sure. I sanded the table down & gave it a good coat of primer.

Ignore the mess in the background,that’s just the other projects.
Since this poor little table was so plain & small I decided I needed to jazz it up a bit with a graphic & of course, went to the mother of all graphics; The Graphics Fairy.
The problem with her site is not trying to find the right graphic, it’s trying to narrow down all the ones you have decided you can’t live without. There are so many amazing images to choose from!
I settled on this one.

The Graphics Fairy

I simply printed it to the size I needed it & rubbed pencil lead over the back of it. Then I taped it to the table top where I wanted it & begin to outline the image in pencil. This transfers the lead from the back of the paper onto the table. Easy-pesy!

Once I had a nice little outline I painted over it with my black paint pen.

I distressed it up a bit with some 100 & 150 grit sandpaper, hitting the edges a bit heavier.
After a wipe down, I glazed over it with some walnut Minwax, leaving it a bit heavier on this piece.

I finished her off with 3 coats of paste wax and gave her a good buffing to really show off the nice sheen it gives.
Here she is all finished up & much cuter than she was before.

Obligatory outdoor shot


I do realize it does not fall, but I love that old picture of the boys. I see it every time I round the corner to my bedroom & it makes me smile 🙂

Just another little table with a french graphic floating around in blog land, but I’m partial to this one. It’s seen me through a lot of years, a lot of changes, and it’s watched those two little boys in that picture there grow into amazing teenagers. I think I’ll keep it around a while longer.

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