Fire Damaged to Masculine Chic End Table

I have one of the coolest brother’s in the whole wide world! Not only is he a Navy Seabee, he’s also in the construction biz and is able to score me some of the coolest pieces! He was working for a restoration company and was cleaning up a house that had recently suffered a fire. When he came across this little Art Deco End Table… he knew I could save it and give it a new life!

The minute I saw it, I knew what I wanted to do with it! But alas I didn’t get to it right away and it sat in my garage for over a year! But the other day I had a friend come over and he spotted it!

He immediately fell in love with it, and wanted it asap! I told him what my plan was for it, and he was on board! So I dragged it out and went to town!IMG 0316
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Due to the amount of water damage and smoke damage I had to remove ALL the veneer! To be honest it came off very easily, which was nice! After all the veneer was removed I sanded her down smooth.
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I then gave her 2 coats of primer. I used a grey primer since I planned to paint her metallic silver and black.
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You know it’s a good day when you go to bed with hands like this! Well in my world it is!
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I painted the outside case with Modern Masters Metallic Silver. I gave it 3 coats… but 2 would have done it. I then painted the base and inside areas in a nice black from Behr called Onyx.
10606206 555075624592866 7597860525591455976 nAfter the 3 coats of silver I broke out the black glaze. I brushed it on… and wiped it off for an aged patina look. Since I removed the veneer the wood underneath had just the right amount of knick’s and gouges to help give it an nice aged look.
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I had to rebuild the base for the bottom cabinet… as it was badly water damaged.
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I painted the outside framework in the same black… this required only 2 coats.
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I love the glaze over the metallic! Sooooo pretty!
IMG 0307
Eek… it turned out so cool!
IMG 0312
I primed and painted the original hardware to match. I then sealed the entire piece with 3 coats of polycrylic.
IMG 0315
There was so much attention on this little table! I had 5 people contact me about purchasing it! But alas my friend came and got it ASAP! He LOVES it!
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