Federal dresser makeover

I showed my Instagram friends the picture of the dresser I scored a couple of weeks back from Craigslist, from the nicest elderly couple that was ready to throw it out.

Excuse me, no thank you – I’ll take that, please! Perfect condition, hardly any scratches – just needing some paint love and elbow grease.

I immediately got to work, cleaning all the surfaces with a soft cloth, and removing all of the hardware from the drawers.

I knew I would be using Country Chic Paint, so cleaning the surfaces was the only prep work I would need to do.
Reason 485 why I love this paint: No prep work.
Elegance was the color of choice, with antiquing wax as the final finishing coat.

As I’m typing this out, I am realizing that I deleted ALL of my in-process photos before uploading.
Argh, Ashley. Rookie mistake.

Oh well, you’ll have to settle for a quick before and after this time.

Elegance is the most beautiful muted blue-grey color, and then with the antiquing wax on top, it “ages” it just the right amount to make for a gorgeous vintage neutral.

I love this hardware – all original, and I left it as is.

And I love the era of this dresser. Or buffet. Or changing table. Options are endless.

I’ll have to do a different post on my process of using the antiquing wax since I’m a goober and deleted my in-process photos.

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