Faux Butcher Block Cabinet

I always see blogs posting pictures of awesome furniture pieces that they find in dumpsters or the side of the road for FREE, well this never happens to me. Until now… yay!!! I snatched up a few pieces of awesome furniture that someone had put out for trash. It’s taking me a while to get through the pile and make them beauties so I only have one to share today, but so far I think it’s my most fav makeover.

Before… well with only one corner painted, I always forget the before shots.

After getting the bottom all beautiful and crispy clean white, I taped off the top of the table and used 3 different stains to get this “faux butcher block” look.

Here is how it turned out:

And it found it’s perfect little home right in my dinning room.

Isn’t she a beauty?!!

Here it is side by side, what a difference, can’t believe someone would throw this out. Re-use people.

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