Faux bamboo side table makeover

Browsing the pages of magazines and noticing the trend, Coral a color I never really cared for, but…I started to see it more and more around the web, blogs, and in vintage shops. So I decided what the heck, I should just try it. And I love it!!! It’s sassy, chic, and fun. It puts a smile on your face when you walk into the room and see this gorgeous table painted a bright shade of Coral, it brings back a sense of the past.

Coral reminds me of the Retro Period, Miami (of course) chic magazines, the 1960’s (depended on location) and (no offense) my kitchen growing up in the projects. Yup! the projects, my father loved to paint and this was a similar color, almost Coral but I think then it was like a Peach. More on the “Projects” on another post!

It wasn’t in terrible condition, but really needed some color!
I was debating on a shade of Blue, than decided this Animated Coral would look beautiful and… so far it looks gorgeous.

What do you think of the Animated Coral? by #SW
I am venturing out and trying other colors…it’s only paint right?

An even closer look, a few more shades and shes ready for a new home!

I found this shade of coral flipping through my color fan deck.

A few more coats, sanding and wax.

If you decide to use flat paint and still want to add a little sheen to your piece and like the satin
finish, then use wax. It makes it all better and your piece looks like a professional paint job, it also protects the paint. Be sure to allow 10-15 minutes before buffing.

These are my favorite sanding tool to use, for me its better than using an electric sander (okay not for all projects) but electric sanders are messy and dusty. Sanding blocks are awesome, because it allows your hand to wrap around the block nicely, you can use all four side, and even wrap sandpaper around it when you are no longer able to use it.

Purdy is one of the best paint brushes that I have used so far.
I like how the strands stay intact and don’t fall out while painting. Paintbrushes with screws that hold the bristles in place are better made. These can get costly so take care of your brushes. Be sure to clean them after every project, or when your done painting. Sometimes I wrap my brushes in plastic wrap, usually if I am taking a break or working on editing photos etc.
You can purchase Purdy paint brushes over at your local hardware store or Home Depot!

The Reveal!

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