DIY faux aged wine crate

Hi Everyone! I love the look of wooden crates, especially old ones, but around here, there aren’t a lot of places to find them, and of course, vintage crates can be pricey. I managed to get my hands on two new wine crates by asking a local merchant for some that were going to be thrown out — score! It took me a little while to decide what I wanted to do with them. Originally, I wanted to make shelves out of the crates, but I loved the French labels and I wanted these to show.

So, today, I finally got around to painting the crates so that they look aged and have a little bit more character.

Here is how one of the crates looked before I painted it. Actually, they both looked the same, but they are from different wineries, so the labels are different. Also, this one has nails, and the other one has staples.

I decided to paint them in two different styles. I wanted this one to look like the wood was stained, but I didn’t want to use an actual wood stain — way too smelly. So, I decided to mimic the stained look by using some watered down burnt umber craft paint. On the other crate, I used some off-white latex paint from my stash.

The burnt umber color made a nice dark stain on the wood. I did a few layers, and then I went back and dabbed some paint around the edges and the bottom. There was a big paper label on the side, and although I was able to get the whole thing off, there was still some sticky residue, which produced a kind of distressed effect on the wood.

Still, I like how this crate turned out. I love the darker color, and this is exactly the look I was after! I left the inside alone since I plan to use these crates to hold magazines, blankets or whatever else needs to be contained.

I gave the second one a thin coat of the white paint, and then I went back and dabbed some burnt umber paint in random places with a dry brush. This technique gives the crate a shabbier, more rustic look.

Much better! I should have done this a long time ago, but I hate to rush projects if I don’t know exactly what I want them to look like. Now, they look like vintage crates you might find at a roadside stand.

You can give just about anything a vintage look with a little bit of paint, and I’m loving the new look! Also, it never hurts to see what your local stores might be throwing away!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my latest DIY project. Have a great day!

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