Refurbished marble top end table

When I first saw this piece I knew that she would be going to a new home, real quick. With simple lines and a clean look and a marble top, she is going to be show stopper in her new home. From plain to a sassy Blue, along with her original brass hardware. Vintage End Table with original brass hardware. I am looking forward to bringing back the shine.

In great condition 1960’s, I loved this piece from the very moment I saw her.
Painted Blue using Valspar Spray Paint. Have you used Valspar spray paints yet?

I have to tell you, I love using Valspar Spray Paint, it doesn’t smell bad at all. But, you should always wear a mask when spray painting, goggles to protect your eyes, gloves (keep from getting paint on your hands) and spray in a ventilated area (like outside).

Saw horses for elevation come in handy, my back loves me for this.

Another coat and shes ready for distressing and a little Java Glaze for a slight aged look.

Painting a pretty Blue, color is close to our favorite; Robins Egg.

What a difference a little paint makes.
What do you think? Are you loving the color? I am and I can’t wait to deliver to my client’s home. She fell in love with it, during its vintage days, now the old is new again!
After painting, she looked beautiful. But, as I kept looking at her I thought to myself “something is missing” and sure enough, she just needed a little glazing to complete that vintage look and feel I wanted to accomplish.
Slightly glazed, just enough for a vintage chic look.

The Reveal:
A closer look! What do you think?
I love original hardware, and I do my best to restore them.

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