Dresser Media Console

This dresser has been in my parents basement for as long as I can remember. My dad says he remembers it being used by my grandparents in their bedroom when he was a kid. They needed to get rid of it because my dad was going to build a laundry room down there & I had the perfect job for it! I had been looking for a short, long dresser just like this, so to my house it came! It turned out beautifully!

As you can see, it was not pretty. It had some damage to it too that I needed to fix up. Nothin’ a little wood dough & wood glue wouldn’t fix though. It fit perfectly in our space though & I knew that once I painted it up, it would look wonderful.

Oh the hideousness of it. I got to work on it the very week I got it. We didn’t have anywhere to store it, so we were using it in our living room while we figured out how to paint it, which was quite the incentive to get it done. We had to stare at it every day! So during the week I patched it up, cleaned it & sanded it where it was needed, and then this past weekend I went at it with the paint brush!

Is it weird that my favorite part of painting furniture is priming. It’s true! I love slapping that primer on & knowing that I’m getting started on making something beautiful. So I took off the hardware & primed the dresser, then we chose a paint color: Behr’ Graceful Gray. In the picture above, it’s the right-middle one.

I painted this piece by hand with a paintbrush. I love painting this way. It’s kind of relaxing to me. It draws out the processes somewhat (which is probably why lots of people don’t like it) but I’m not in a hurry, so I like to spend some time with it. The paint spreads very nicely and after 2 coats, you can’t see any brush marks.

I did two coats of the Graceful Gray, & spray painted the hardware in Rust-olium’s Gloss Black out in the garage. It’s hard to find a good place to spray paint when it’s snowing outside. No matter, after the paint was dry, I added two coats of wipe on poly to seal it, and was done!

Now I have a beautiful dresser to hold my tv! Uh, don’t mind the huge, old tv… it still works, okay?! Back to the dresser & reasons why I love it. It covers up the cords, and provides a ton of storage! We don’t actually have anything in those drawers yet, but I’m figuring out how I want to rearrange our storage situation. It’s nice to just know it’s there for now. Love having more storage!

I also now have another surface area to decorate! Yeah!

What do you think of my dresser refinish? Do you use a dresser as a tv stand or do you think it’s a good idea? Love that this one was free! It’s going to work wonderfully for us!

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