Door turned entry bench

Apparently, this piece is actually called a “hall tree” among those in the know, but whenever I call it that people look at me like I’m nuts. So, Entry Bench it is.

Inspired by this one I found on Pinterest, I decided that a reclaimed wood entry bench made from two old solid wood doors would be a great way to use the doors leftover from a previous project.

The back of the bench is a full-sized 30″ wide door. If I were to make another one, I’d probably cut about six inches off the bottom of the door before assembly because it feels a little tall to me. The sides are two panels from another door, the bench seat is made from an old shelf, and the drawer is made from 1x12s, plywood, and an additional door panel for the face.

I put the bench together with my Kreg jig and glue, plus a few finish nails for the trim. The drawer is mounted using full extension glides. All of the wood is either reclaimed or scrap, so all I had to buy for this project was hardware and finishing supplies, for a grand total of $53.

The paint is a Ben Moore color from the ReStore, distressed and then coated with satin PolyWhey.

The “old” doorknob is from Hobby Lobby, the hooks from Lowe’s, and the drawer pull from Home Depot.

Bare door after stripping off a gooey layer of white paint.

Experimenting with putting the pieces together.

Assembled and ready for finishing, trying to decide whether to build a drawer or use baskets.

And, drawer it is. The piece was so square it was practically begging for a drawer!

Hooks and distressing add the final touches.

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