DIY Suitcase side table

I had some leftover from making the double chair bench, would have been a shame to waste them, right? Even though a doggie or 2 had snacked on them pretty good.

Then came a suitcase… Very conveniently left at the curb for me to find, the very same weekend I was working on the chair bench.

It was meant to be!


Love the red leather trim on this.
The inside was red also, it even came with postcards!
Alas, there was a lot of staining in the liner. Looks like some hand lotion or hair care products leaked on the inside. Could it be ‘dippity-do?’. I’m figuring that’s how old this suitcase is and around when it was used last….. Do they even still make that stuff?
(You know where this is going, right?)
So I had the suitcase, and I had the 2 sets of front chair legs…..
And I had this for inspiration…..

White suitcase nightstand Songbird
Marianne @ Songbird has a wonderful blog full of pretty photos and great projects. She is so creative! I’m a huge fan of hers.
This post called “a new side table for the guest room” is one of my favorites, and promptly landed in my inspiration folder when I saw it. Love it! Who knew you could paint a suitcase?
As soon as I saw mine at the curb, I knew what it would be, a suitcase side table.
Not having a table to set my new suitcase on, I would need to improvise.
Enter the leftover chair legs.
Joined together, with the bad parts removed…and glued back together.
Oh no, not again. Apparently, the camera is the last thing I think of when working along, as once again I forgot to take pictures during the middle part of the project. Sorry!
I simply took the 2 front sections, of which each had one good side seat support and one falling off loose one. Thankfully they matched up to opposite sides.
All I had to do was glue the dowels into the opposite matching holes. A little clamping and it was done!
All the new base needed was a top.

After spray painting the suitcase and new base with several coats of primer I then painted it with blossom white spray paint. Several light coats were needed.
Now for the inside. The red liner had to go. I ripped it out and was left with this ugly interior.
This blue paisley fabric was picked up last summer at a moving sale. It was 10c for a yard. No kidding.
I loved the blue color. Had no place to use it. Until now.



I used cardboard cut from some diet coke 12 pack cartons.
Just the right stiffness to wrap the fabric around after spraying both pieces with spray adhesive.
It’s not perfect at all, and the top lining was a bear to glue, no cardboard to help keep the fabric straight there.
Finally, it was done. The suitcase is screwed to the base from the inside of the suitcase. I inserted a piece of plywood into the bottom of the suitcase to give it some strength. (before adding the fabric)

Took off the masking tape. You didn’t think I could seriously paint over that beautiful red leather, did you?
Not as cute as Marianne’s suitcase side table, my suitcase is so much bigger than her little cutie. And of course, I don’t have a beautiful table with curvy legs.

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