Distressed dresser makeover

Whoa, this project has taken a long time to complete. I think most of the delays were due to my anxiety about trying new techniques. Some fears were unfounded while others were realized. I’m feeling a bit nervous about this reveal because so many of you have expressed interest.

I only hope it lives up to the hype. Let me just say as a disclaimer that I do not drink martinis in my bedroom. The dresser is in the dining room.

In case you haven’t been following along this dresser was originally claimed by Barb at hodgepodge when we went thrifting. When she couldn’t make it work I took the opportunity to pounce. What I didn’t tell you is that its original price of $70 was reduced to a blow-out special price of $35 the day I purchased it. Here’s a reminder of the before.

The work started out as any ordinary painting project does…sanding, priming, and painting. I have never distressed a furniture piece before so I was a little nervous. I’ve never stained a piece either so my anxiety level was mounting. I was a very bad blogger and didn’t take any photos of the finished stained piece but I can assure you it was heavenly. Afterward, I wanted to seal and protect it and I chose my newest obsession, furniture wax.

The body of the dresser turned out beautifully and then I started on the drawers and…disaster.

The wax actually started to remove the stain!

After a little cursing, I buffed all the drawers. They looked bad. I added a bit more stain to try and add a new layer of coverage. It looked good except it was quite a bit darker than I had wanted. After obsessing for a day or two I painted the hardware and attached it and realized that mistakes sometimes happen for the right reason. The dresser looks perfect and probably would not have had enough “antique” patina if I hadn’t added the extra layer of stain.

I kept most of the hardware but splurged on 4 glass knobs for the top drawers to give it a little sparkle.

Loving that awesome detail.

I have to say, I’m a convert. I never thought I could love a distressed and antiqued piece but I do!

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