Decoupage Fabric Desk

Hands down, my fave-fave-fave project to date.
Let me paint a picture… I was wandering aimlessly through the ARC at 9:46 last Monday morning, when suddenly a vibrant light shone out from across the store, I was catapulted through the aisle and grabbed this baby with wide-open arms.

Her pricetag read $25.99 and I was hooked but then a lovely employee whispered in my ear, “white tags are half off today.” I pushed that monster up to the register immediately. A nice man tried to help me by loading ii onto a cart to wheel through the store and up to the register, but I threw an elbow lest he try to steal my new-found treasure. I mean, seriously, check out these amazing pulls!

I would have paid $25.99 just for the nine drawer pulls. But I got the whole shebang for $13.00!

I have been wanting to try decoupaging fabric onto a piece of furniture for some time and this was it. I hit the jackpot at Hancock’s last week in their bargain bin. Remnants for $5.00 a yard. I found a bunch of beautiful patterns and I decided to dive right in.

I poured through 6 different tutorials for the process and decided to start by painting the entire piece of fabric with one coat of decoupage. This makes it easier to handle and prevents any fraying while cutting to fit.

While that was drying I stripped and sanded this beauty. I painted the base of the desk yellow, the edges black, the bottom inside of the drawers blue,  and the top I left natural wood with 2 coats of polyurethane.

Next, I turned the fabric upside down and laid each drawer front on top of it.
I traced each and then cut out, then trimmed, and trimmed again.

Then I DecouPaged (the DecoArt version of Mod Podge and it works GREAT!) each piece onto each drawer front (2 coats) and trimmed the fabric edges again.

I had to use my tiny drill bit and drill holes to get the hardware screws through that thick fabric. I got all the handles back on and when I put the drawers in each opening I realized I had to trim and sand again. Apparently all those coats of paint, DecouPage, and polyurethane added about a half-inch and just enough to prevent the drawers from opening and closing smoothly.

However, all the hard work was totally worth it, because this piece is SO frreakin cool!

Check out that fun blue poppin out when the drawer is opened

And I just adore the pulls!

This turned out so nicely, I might give the fab
ric finish another try.

You likey?

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