Dark Walnut Four-Drawer Dresser

This dresser has been sitting in my garage for a couple of months. It needed a whole lot of TLC. I picked this up for my dad to work on pretty much by himself. He needs to fill some time with doing things other than playing WOW online, so I put him to work in my sweat shop! Here’s the before:

That top was in horrible shape! It took me me a little while to chip all that veneer off!

We decided not to paint this dresser but just strip it down and re stain. All the flat surfaces made this easy, no curves to do battle with. The drawers were a little wonky, so Pops tried to work some magic, he did a pretty good job too.

We stained it a dark walnut and finished it off with a dark wax. I liked the look of the top without the veneer, so we just cleaned it up and stained it too. I haven’t messed around with replacing veneer yet. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time though.

I was planning on selling this piece on craigslist, would have been the first piece I refinished to sell. Pops fell in love with it though and wanted to keep it. I love it too, so I couldn’t argue. 😉

I love to paint furniture, heck, I love to paint, but I love love love the richness of solid wood too and the beautiful grain. What do you think?

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