Crib Chalkboard Easel

Well!!!! I am sooo excited! I was out driving and came upon an old crib being thrown away. I stopped and picked up the end pieces. I laughed the whole time wondering if anyone was watching me and thinking they probably thought I was nuts! But in the back of my 4Runner they went.

As soon as I got home I drug them to the backyard and scrubbed all the dirt and mildew off with the help of the Tilex! Oh and of course the help of my two girls!

I went to Home Depot to get door hinges. While there I bought some sample paint cans. Because I didn’t need very much. Then headed home to do my little project! After painting both pieces I painted the larger side with some chalkboard paint I had bought previously for a different project.

I added a bit of girly BLING because it will be put in my girls room! And here is the finished product:

Cute huh? It reminds me of a little sign to put outside of a cute little shop. In my daydreams it will be in front of my store someday!

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