Crib Base Framed Chalkboard

I started homeschooling my son a few months ago. And at the same time, for obvious reasons, I started redecorating the family room into his playroom/our classroom. Since the room is part classroom, I wanted a chalkboard in there. One that my son could use freely and we can also use it during our “lessons” (he’s 2.5, y’all). It makes the room a classroom, right? We were given one of those Fisher Price ones, but the chalkboard part was either really cheap or really used for the chalk did not work.

Me thinks this could possibly be a frustrating experience for a little one. So then at the Dollar Store, I thought I lucked out on finding this chalkboard material Whale Wall Decal.

*This is not the actual one nor is this my house, people. Even if the writing is in French and I live in Canada….*
It worked, but was a little small AND my son kept ripping it off the wall, thus it losing its stickiness at some point. Returning to the Dollar Store, again, I thought I lucked out on finding a small chalkboard – about 16 x 12, but for the life of $3 chalk, it wouldn’t take the chalk.

I didn’t want to start giving my son educational, intellectual or integrity complexes, so I stopped being cheap frugal, and looking at the Dollar Store, and start looking into a slightly more expensive store (aka, Walmart, Target or the like). That idea was nixed pretty quickly when I saw the prices and my DIY hat was fervently pulled out. I can definitely make this.

So I asked my husband if there were any random wood pieces down in the “warehouse” or garage because I was going to stop spending HIS hard-earned money on Dollar Store rejects and buy Chalkboard paint, which um, for a little quart, yeah it was about $20 (it’s Canada, y’all). And oh yeah, I think we have a gift card or something around here that we can use towards it (totally trying to soften the blow).

After helping a friend of his during a move, my husband excitedly came home with some “scrap” piece of wood. He asked, “Do you know what this is for?” And I don’t think he actually even let me finish and he continued “it’s for the chalkboard”.

But it’s… well, it looks like the bottom of a bed or… is that part of a crib?

My husband had a DIY vision – he repurposed! He actually saw something in the garbage, PULLED over and PULLED it from off the side of the road and placed a new mission on the piece.

So our chalkboard-to-be was cleaned, sanded, primed and got two coats of blackboard paint (one layer going vertically and the other horizontally). Then us three wiped chalk all over it (as another “priming” method) and then hoisted it in its new position in the “classroom”.

After the piece was cleaned, sanded, and primed, it received two coats of beloved chalkboard paint. Ahhh, finally a chalkboard that works!

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