Creative DIY Stool Refurbishing Idea

A new house seeks new furniture to gain a new-like appeal. When I first moved into my new house, I had some impressive bar stools. Of course, old fashioned stools were not compatible with the needs so I immediately started searching for new options. I wasn’t sure that the new ones will cost more than I was prepared to spend on a flipping chair. Even my husband was concerned about new expenses and therefore I came up with the idea of flipping the chairs.

This how love the chair used to love before flipping

And that’s after it turned into a flipped chair.

Doesn’t it look more appealing than it used to look before? It was not too easy because I had to struggle a bit with my sewing machine. I think the struggle rewarded me with something appealing. I worked on only one chair till now and yet there are 3 more remainings. Hence I have tried and succeeded in refurbishing the chairs, I believe it would be easier to refurbish the remaining three.

I first bought the fabric at the Fabric Depot in Oregon, where I found this amazing fabric. I went there along with my sis-in-law Lurlyn who also loves to buy items for DIY projects. I have no information about the maker of the fabric, but you can find it after doing some research.

During the first attempt, I tried to pain the arms and legs of the chair in white color. It did not look quite appealing to the fabric I chose. Eventually, I decided to go with black and then I thought this might be too much. Lurlyn and I have similar tests and therefore I took her support. She agreed that black would work the best. She said that black would easily hide sticky fingers and dirt from my children. I followed her suggestions and that worked exceptionally well.

This kind of DIY ideas works really well when you choose to go with original fabric from the chair. Just know how to put the chair together and be a little bit creative. It was not perfect during the first attempt but I believe I will not repeat those mistakes while refurbishing the 2, 3, and 4th chairs. You might find it a bit easier because a good tutorial and understanding of fabric can help you in preparing something unique for your home.

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